Redefining Hypothermia Management

Aerotherm ™ IQ

World’s 1st Intelligent & Quietest Convective Warmer

  • Intelligent - The Intelligent warmer that detects patient temperature and responds dynamically
  • Quietest: The quietest warmer with noise level of 11.3dBA (Average) and 31.4 dBA (Peak) (Tested at one of the most advanced sound labs in India – HCL)
  • Dual Mode – Auto and Manual. Manual has 3 temperature settings to choose from i.e 36°C, 40°C and 44°C
  • Sturdy – Adapted to Indian conditions, the warmer is made up of aluminium alloy which makes it sturdy
  • Side airvents – designed to improve filter efficiency
  • Temperature Probe – the warmer comes with temperature probe that aids in monitoring of temperature at patient end continuously
  • Hose – the hose is made up of polyurethane material which makes it last longer
  • High efficiency 0.2-micron filter
  • Light Weight – 5.7 Kgs
  • Regulates hose end temperatures within ± 1°C for accurate temperature delivery
  • Over/under temperature audible and visual alarms ensure safety

Ordering Information

Aerotherm ™ IQ
Item Code Description UOM
T-AA-300-SAT Aerotherm Convective Warmer 1