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Level 1® H-1200 Fast Flow Fluid Warmer with Integrated Air Detector/Clamp

Available in all markets except EU and Japan For products sold in the EU and JP - view the Level 1® H-1025

When you’re working to save a patient’s life, every second counts.

When lives are at stake from significant blood loss due to trauma or major surgery, the Level 1® Fast Flow Fluid Warmer provides a rapid flow of normothermic blood and I.V. fluids. Even a small drop in body temperature can be detrimental–delaying recovery or allowing infection to set in. Level 1® H-1200 Fast Flow Fluid Warmers allow rapid infusion of warm fluids while providing the extra level of protection of an integrated Air Detector/Clamp. Upon detection of air in the line, the flow of blood and crystalloid is automatically stopped, allowing quick removal of air and restoration of flow without disconnecting from the patient or changing disposable administration sets. Different disposable sets are available for a variety of clinical applications.

Product Benefits
  • Rigid pressure chambers accommodate standard blood and crystalloid bags providing a constant 300mmHg pressure for rapid infusion
  • On/Off toggle switch used to quickly and easily pressurize chambers
  • Aluminum heat exchanger, that transfers heat 1000 times faster than plastic, and the counter current 42°C circulating water bath, ensure patients receive normothermic blood and I.V. fluids
  • Additional level of safety with the integrated Air Detector/Clamp that detects the presence of air in blood and crystalloid, alerts clinicians, and automatically stops the flow and allows quick removal of air without disconnecting from the patient or changing disposables.

Ordering Information

Item Code Description UOM
H-1200-EN-230V-CE Level 1® Fast Flow Fluid Warmer with integrated Air Detector/Clamp 1
DI-60HL Maximum normothermic flow rate: 530 mL/min 10
DI-100 Maximum normothermic flow rate: 950 mL/min 10
DI-300 Maximum normothermic flow rate: 1400 mL/min 10