CADD® Legacy PCA

Key Features:
  • Delivery Modes: Continuous, Demand Dose, Clinician Dose (Modes can be used independently or in Combination)
  • Easy to read display
  • Cassette detection
  • Upstream & Downstream Occlusion detection
  • Air-in-line detection
  • Programming Flexibility
  • Reliable Infusion for Patients
  • Demand dose with lock out features
  • Infusion Accuracy + 6 %
Benefits :
  • Small and lightweight – helps in patient ambulation
  • Significantly increased programming ranges are designed to provide greater flexibility in meeting a wider range of delivery requirements
  • Convenient programming in milliliters, milligrams or micrograms and expanded concentration ranges.
  • Built-in safety features are designed to alert the user to prevent improper delivery
  • Can be used with multiple delivery routes
  • Medication cassette reservoirs available in 3 different volumes (50ml, 100ml and 250ml), allowing flexibility for every clinical use

Ordering information

Ordering information
Item Code Description UOM
21-6300-51 CADD-LEGACY PCA (only PCA) 1 unit
21-6220-64 CORD, REMOTE DOSE, CADD-LEGACY 1 unit
21-7302-24 RESERVOIR, CASSETTE, 100ML 12/Bx
21-7308-24 RESERVOIR, CASSETTE, 250M 12/Bx
21-7301-24 RESERVOIR, CASSETTE, 50ML 12/Bx
21-7106-24 SET, EXTENSION, 60", TOTM, 0.2 MCRN FLTR, M/ASV 50/Bx
21-7394-24 SET, ADMIN, CADD, 108", SPIKE, 0.2 MICRON, FLTR, FS, TOTM 12/Bx
21-7059-24 SET, ADMIN, CADD, 69", M/M, ADD-ON ASV, BLUE STRIPE 12/Bx