CADD Solis™ Ambulatory Pain Management System

Key Benefits :
Multiple delivery methods delivered individually or in combination as required:
  • Continuous rate
  • Programmed Intermittent Bolus (PIB)
  • Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA)
  • Patient Controlled Epidural Analgesia (PCEA)
  • Clinician Bolus
  • More effective pain relief
  • Decrease the prescribing and dosing of opioids
  • Promote early mobilization and faster recovery
  • Improve patient outcomes and satisfaction
  • Reduce length of stay, complications, and readmissions
  • Decrease costs and improve facility outcomes

The CADD Solis™ pump provides therapy versatility for modern regional anaesthesia and pain management regimens.

  • Versatile for Peripheral Nerve Blocks (PNBs) and Epidurals,as well as Wound infusions, SubQ, Intrathecal and IV PCA
  • Programmable and adjustable for each patient with continuous, patient bolus, clinician bolus and Programmed Intermittent Bolus (PIB) delivery
  • More effective patient bolus feature which engages the patient and reduces dosing
  • PIB infusions are intended to optimize the spread of local anesthetic around the target nerve, as some regional blocks are volume dependent and hard to achieve with a continuous infusion
  • Flexible for patients in a variety of settings: Hospital or ambulatory surgery centres and the home for of care, L&D, ICU, trauma, oncology, adult and paediatric
Mobility and Usability:
  • Small and lightweight pump promotes patient ambulation
    • Large color graphic display and task- based user interface
  • Color-coded pump screens allow you to differentiate therapies
    • Simple programming by selecting the user-defined protocol from the Library
Patient Safety:
  • Meets all ECRI, ISMP and ASHP Smart Pump Requirements

Ordering information

CADD Solis™
Item Code Description UOM
21-2111-0402-51 CADD-SOLIS, MDL 2110, V4.2 (Multi Therapy Pump) 1 unit
21-6300-51 CADD-LEGACY PCA (only PCA)

1 unit

21-6220-64 CORD, REMOTE DOSE, CADD-LEGACY 1 unit
21-7302-24 RESERVOIR, CASSETTE, 100ML 12/Bx
21-7308-24 RESERVOIR, CASSETTE, 250M 12/Bx
21-7301-24 RESERVOIR, CASSETTE, 50ML 12/Bx
21-7106-24 SET, EXTENSION, 60", TOTM, 0.2 MCRN FLTR, M/ASV 50/Bx
21-7394-24 SET, ADMIN, CADD, 108", SPIKE, 0.2 MICRON, FLTR, FS, TOTM 12/Bx
21-7059-24 SET, ADMIN, CADD, 69", M/M, ADD-ON ASV, BLUE STRIPE 12/Bx