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Hand of Hope

Key Features

Passive mode & Active mode

  • The Hand of Hope has two modes of rehabilitation, not only does it work in Passive Mode but also in Active Mode providing the patient with an exciting, focused participation.

Readily available information

  • Individual user settings and training parameters are stored and analysed giving the therapist access to detailed user progress information.

Comfortable training experience

  • The hand brace and forearm support of the Hand of Hope are designed to provide optimal user comfort.


  • The interactive software is presented with simple animated instructions and icons help guide the patient through their sessions. The Velcro finger straps make setting up and removing the hand braces effortless to ensure that the patient is comfortable during this process


  • The system is compact, lightweight and can be carried around with ease in a provided carrycase


  • The Hand of Hope is easily kept clean, all surfaces of the hand brace and forearm support can be wiped clean using an alcohol spray or wipes and the inserts can be removed and cleaned separately.