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Venglide™ IV Cannula

Designed for Single Insertion Success with PCT Technology
(Proprietary Catheter Tipping Technology)


Key Features*

Double Flash Back Technology

  • Confirms that both needle and catheter capillary are inside the vessel

Universal Back Cut Bevel

  • Allows for a wide choice of insertion angles and is designed for minimal puncture trauma

Revolutionary new technology

  • Unique Catheter Tipping Technology ensures minimum pain at venipuncture site

Flashback Chamber

  • With Hydrophobic membrane filter allows quick visualization of blood confirming vein access, prevents blood leakage

Catheter Material

  • Catheter Material is PTFE / PU which is kink resistant, has smooth inner & outer surfaces to ensure easy venipuncture with minimum trauma

Radiopaque Stripes

  • For a good visibility of the catheter capillary under X-Ray

Familiar Ported Design

  • With an ergonomic grip, fixation wings, snap cap that aids in Aseptic Non Touch Technique (ANTT)

* Data on file, Manufacturers Documentation

Ordering Information

Venglide™ IV Cannula
Item Code Description UOM
01142510LI Venglide, IV Cannula,14G 100
01162510LI Venglide, IV Cannula,16G 100
01182510LI Venglide, IV Cannula,18G 100
01202510LI Venglide, IV Cannula,20G 100
01222510LI Venglide, IV Cannula,22G 100
01242510LI Venglide, IV Cannula,24G 100
01262410LI Venglide, IV Cannula,26G 100
Venglide Ported PTFE
Item Code Description UOM
01142510LI Venglide Ported PTFE, IV Cannula,14G 100
01162510LI Venglide Ported PTFE, IV Cannula,16G 100
01182510LI Venglide Ported PTFE, IV Cannula,18G 100
01202510LI Venglide Ported PTFE, IV Cannula,20G 100
01222510LI VenglidePorted PTFE, IV Cannula,22G 100
01242510LI Venglide Ported PTFE IV Cannula,24G 100
01262410LI Venglide Ported PTFE, IV Cannula,26G 100
Venglide Ported PU
Item Code Description UOM
0114731LIB Venglide Ported - PU, IV Cannula,14G 100
0116821LIB Venglide Ported - PU, IV Cannula,16G 100
0119091LIB Venglide Ported - PU, IV Cannula,18G 100
0170101LIB Venglide Ported - PU, IV Cannula,20G 100
0122751LIB Venglide Ported - PU, IV Cannula,22G 100
0124741LIB Venglide Ported - PU, IV Cannula,24G 100
0126421LIB Venglide Ported - PU, IV Cannula,26G 100
Venglide Non-Ported PU
Item Code




Venglide NP PU , IV Cannula,14G



Venglide NP PU, IV Cannula,16G



Venglide NP PU, IV Cannula,18G



Venglide NP PU, IV Cannula,20G



Venglide NP PU, IV Cannula,22G