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Vapguard™ Endotracheal tube

Key Features
  • Vapguard™ Endotracheal tube with a evacuation lumen is designed to remove secretions from above the cuff and can assist in reducing the rate of ventilator-associated pneumonia*
  • Snuggle Fit™ Cuff is designed to provide tight seal allowing airflow through the tube. It is made up of soft PVC material giving minimal risk of trauma
  • The yellow coded suction line enables easy identification and suction line cap is intended to prevent contaminants entering the lumen
  • Intubation depth marker (Vocal Cord Marking) assist accurate placement of tube tip within the trachea
  • Inflatable pilot balloon which allows visual confirmation of cuff inflation after intubation or deflation before extubation.
  • Pilot Balloon has clear markings such as Cuff Resting Diameter (CRD), Internal Diameter (ID), Company Name and Brand Name, aids in easy identification of tube size and the manufacturer
  • The cuff is inflated through a spring-loaded one-way valve with luer lock connector
  • Smooth Polished Murphy eye at distal end for atraumatic intubation and intubation
  • Radio-opaque line confirms adequate tube position on a chest X-Ray
  • Universal 15 mm connector at proximal end
  • E.T.O Sterile, DEHP Free and Pyrogen free. For single patient use

  • * Cameron Dezfulian, MD et al, Amjmed, Volume 118, Issue 1, P11-18, January 01, 2005

Ordering Information

Vapguard™ Subglottic Endotracheal Tube
Item Code Description UOM
H011051060 Vapguard Endotracheal Tube, Subglottic,6.0mm 25
H011051065 Vapguard Endotracheal Tube, Subglottic,6.5mm 25
H011051070 Vapguard Endotracheal Tube, Subglottic,7.0mm 25
H011051075 Vapguard Endotracheal Tube, Subglottic,7.5mm 25
H011051080 Vapguard Endotracheal Tube, Subglottic,8.0mm 25
H011051085 Vapguard Endotracheal Tube, Subglottic,8.5mm 25
H011051090 Vapguard Endotracheal Tube, Subglottic,9.0mm 25
H011051095 Vapguard Endotracheal Tube, Subglottic,9.5mm 25